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This comes form .  I hope these help you get all of those gifts wrapped just the way you want them without a lot of hassle.

How To Wrap Gifts Like A Pro
Or at least like they do at Dillard’s. When I lived in Denver I picked up a side job as a gift wrapper during the holidays at Dillard’s. I wrapped more gifts then I care to remember that year. But, it did give me a skill, if you count gaining an OCD for wrapping presents a skill that is! Seriously, I have to do it this way now, or it just doesn’t seem right. The secret is double sided tape. It gives the gift clean lines and almost invisible seams, making for a pretty presentation. So if you’re looking to pick up a new OCD, here you go!

How To Wrap Gifts Like A Pro:

We will be using a gift, double sided tape, and good sturdy wrapping paper. It’s worth every penny.

Start by cutting off any tags, removing price or mark over it.

Cut the paper to be 1½ times larger than the gift for both sides.

Without folding, …


This comes from  These are very cute and would look great on your holiday buffet table.

Gingerbread Heads
The season of giving will be upon us in just a few short days. I love December. People start baking and sharing sweets with friends and family … even people that might not normally bake any other time of the year. There is just something about the holidays and baking for others that makes people feel good to give.
I like to give fudge, pies, cake balls, cookies… cookies … and more cookies. I don’t really have a favorite kind though. But, one thing I like to do is make people smile, so I thought I would make some sweet little gingerbread cookies to share and get the season started off right.

I like my sweets on the smaller side, so I end up with larger numbers. That way I have enough goodies to give away and enough to keep for me. I wanted to make gingerbread men, but I decided to just make the heads for two reasons:
One … more cookies.
Two … I could ha…


If you still haven’t decided where to spend this year’s Christmas holidays, Greece will offer you amongst the most unforgettable holidays of your life! Even if Greece may not represent a classical destination for Christmas holidays, you will be surprised to experience its local traditions, religious customs and festive spirit.

   Indeed, as an Orthodox country, Christmas represents, after Easter, the second most important cultural and religious event in Greece. Greek Christmas is similar to the Western one, with a highly festive atmosphere, decorations with lights and Christmas trees, while it also includes some specific customs and traditions.
   Usually, the Nativity of Christ is celebrated after a 40 days lent. The beginning of Christmas in Greece starts on December 6th with the St Nicolas day feast, considered as the patron saint of Christmas but also the protector of sailors, and ends on January 6, a date when Greeks celebrate the Feast of Epiphany (Ta Fota).

Decorations & T…


This comes from .  Gool Luck.

O Christmas Tree

This year, Green Valley Christmas Trees kindly treated me to a mail-order tree to decorate and share with you here. I chose a 4 ft Fraser Fir and it's just stunning, even at this small size. I love the neat definition of the branches in this particular type of tree. I knew it deserved some first rate trims. I decorated it with some store-bought finds as well as 32 handmade ornaments (whew!), in five styles (one of each is pictured below). I know, Christmas day has come to a close, but I wanted to provide templates and brief/informal tutorials just in case you'd like to try these next year.
Click the photo above for a larger view.

The Felt Pinecones, were inspired by my mom's friend Denise who made little brown ones to top off a woodsy s'mores kit. I also used Suzonne Stirling's tutorial for Family Circle as guide (she has a much tidier method for transferring the pattern to t…