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This recipe was found at .   Most of the times when you make a well known cookie or dessert, we can make it better.  Save yourself a few bucks buying those little boxes of cookies.  Goodluck!

Thin Mints are the Girl Scouts’ best selling cookies – although SamoasDo-si-dos and Tagalongs have their fans, too – when they have their annual cookie sale. Even though they’re a wonderfully tasty combination of mint, chocolate and crispiness, there are a couple of good reasons not to buy them no matter how tempting they seem. First, only a small portion of the cookie sales go to the troops, and as the prices rise, the cookies themselves shrink. I’d rather donate to my local chapter and know where the money is going. Second, the cookies are still made with partially hydrogenated oils, which means that they contain trans fats despite the fact that the boxes proudly proclaim “zero trans fats per serving!” Eat two servings, and those trans fats will start to add up.
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Printable Halloween Place Cards
I had a ton of fun today putting together these new printable Halloween decorations – despite the fact I’m coming down with a miserable cold. Although they are technically made as place cards, you could also use them as napkin holders, too. I just love the funky vintage look of the art I used – these were definitely inspired by the old-fashioned Halloween decorations that are super-hard to find!

Printable Halloween Party Decorations
Retro Place Cards - Cat and Demon
Vintage Place Cards - Jack o' Lantern and Skeleton
Halloween Monsters Place Cards - Dracula and Phantom of the Opera


Home to the infamous "Jackalope", Douglas Wyoming is a popular stop when traveling in the Wild West! The town of Douglas ... is small town America at its best!     In fact, we were rated "One of the Best small towns" in America!
    This area of east central Wyoming is the home of many historic trails rich in their history and rugged scenery. The mountain ranges and foothills offer refuge to elk, bear and deer with herds of antelope foraging on the the diverse landscape.
   The town of Douglas sits on the banks of the North Platte River, on the path from/to Denver, Colorado, Yellowstone National Park, or the Black Hills of South Dakota.
Other attractions of the area are: the Wyoming State Fairgrounds, the Wyoming Pioneer Memorial Museum, Douglas Railroad Interpretive Center, Oregon Trail and Historic Marker, Fort Fetterman, Ayres Natural Bridge, Sir Barton Memorial Statue - the First Triple Crown Winner in the United States, Laramie peak in the medicine Bow