Tuesday, January 20, 2015


   When January comes along, you may think that the food holidays have come to an end, but you'd be wrong.  January is filled with many food holidays.  Here is a list of the food holidays you can look forward to in January.
  • January 1st-Apple Gifting Day- This is such a fun day to celebrate.  A fun way to enjoy this national food holiday is to bake an apple pie or some other favorite apple dessert that you may like.  Christmas may be over, but it's never a bad time to bake a gift for someone.

  • January 2nd-National Cream Puff Day- If you're tired of baking, never fret.  You can always head to your local bakery and pick up some delicious cream puffs.

  • January 3rd-Chocolate-Filled Cherry Day- Go out and enjoy a handful of some chocolate covered cherries.  I can't seem to find any that are filled with chocolate.

  • January 4th-National Spaghetti Day- Who doesn't love spaghetti (besides me)?  On this food holiday, shake things up by making something different.  Or at least make a homemade sauce or pasta!

  • January 5th-National Whipped Cream Day- Whipped cream can be enjoyed in all kinds of ways.  On this food holiday, why not have some strawberry short cake with lots and lots of whipped cream.

  • January 6th-National Shortbread Day-On this food holiday, do something fun.  Make a batch of shortbread cookies and take them to some of your co-workers.

  • January 7th-National Tempura Day- Tempura is a batter that is usually found on Asian foods, such as sweet and sour pork.  To enjoy this day, head out and pick up some Chinese food for dinner.

  • January 8th-English Toffee Day-  You can always make your own English toffee.  But, if you want to celebrate this day, there is an easier way, just buy a Heath candy bar.

  • January 9th-National Apricot Day- Apricots are tasty and healthy.  On this food holiday, grab some dried apricots and mix them with some nuts and other dried fruit to create a trail mix.

  • January 10th-Bittersweet Chocolate Day- Bittersweet chocolate makes some very good brownies.  Do I need to say anything else?

  • January 11th-Milk Day- I love milk,  especially over ice!  Have a glass with the leftover brownies you made a couple days ago.

  • January 12th-Curried Chicken Day- Are you tired of the same old dinners every night?  Then why not celebrate this food holiday and make something different!

  • January 13th-National Peach Melba Day- Peaches, raspberries, and ice cream, does it get any better than that!!

  • January 14th-National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day- On a cold day with a bowl of soup, nothing is better than soup and a hot pastrami sandwich,  this is a food holiday that'll warm your insides.

  • January 15th-Strawberry Ice Cream Day- January is the perfect time to enjoy a food holiday that brings out the summer when it's cold outside.  How about a creamy, thick strawberry shake!

  • January 16th-International Hot and Spicy Food Day- If you love spicy  food, you'll love this food day.  Prepare all your favorite appetizers, buffalo wings, jalapeno poppers and some spicy dipping sauce.

  • January 17th-Hot-Buttered Rum Day- If you drink alcohol, this is a great way to warm up on a cold January evening.  If you don't, just buy some buttered Rum Lifesavers.

  • January 18th-Peking Duck Day- If you love Asian dishes, this is the food holiday for you.  Take your sweetheart out for a nice Chinese dinner for two.

  • January 19th-National Popcorn Day- Do you really need a reason to have some popcorn! 

  • January 20th-National Cheese Lover's Day- There are so many different ways to enjoy this holiday.  You could serve nachos, cheeseburgers, or just go out an get a cheese pizza.

    • January 21st-New England Clam Chowder Day- This is another great food holiday to celebrate on a cold January evening.

    • January 22nd-National Blonde Brownie Day- Sure chocolate brownies are delicious, but blondies are also quite tasty as well.

    • January 23rd- National Rhubarb Pie Day- I just want to know one thing...who's the one who ever thought of this kind of pie,  especially one with strawberries in it....what a waste of some perfectly edible strawberries.

    • January 24th-National Peanut Butter Day- This has to be one of the best food holidays.  Enjoy some Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  Maybe take a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.

    • January 25th-National Irish Coffee Day- If you don't drink alcohol, you can find Irish cream coffee creamer to enjoy instead.

    • January 26th-National Pistachio Day- What better way to enjoy this food holiday than to sit back with a bowl of pistachios while watching some T.V.!

    • January 27th-Chocolate Cake Day- Obviously, no one will have to be forced to partake in this food holiday!

    • January 28th-National Blueberry Pancake Day- If you're looking for a healthy food holiday, make some whole wheat pancakes and sprinkle on your blueberries right before flipping it.

    • January29th-National Corn Chip Day- Buy a bag of Frito's, some chili, add a little cheddar cheese and enjoy.

    • January 30th-National Croissant Day- Enjoy this food holiday with some scrambled eggs and bacon.

    • January 31st-Brandy Alexander Day- If you like to drink, you'll love this food holiday! Cheers!