Tuesday, January 20, 2015


  • January 1st-New Year's Day- You already knew this one.  Celebrate by getting ahead start on breaking your New Year's resolutions.

  • January 2nd-55MPH Speed Limit Day-Observe the 55 MPH holiday by driving the speed limit in your state or country. Or if you don't like it just say "I can't drive 55"!

  • January 3rd-J.R.R. Tolkien Day-Invite a Hobbit over for dinner! YAAAA!

  • January 4th-World Hypnotism Day- Try to hypnotise your children into doing what you want them to do. (like that's going to happen).

  • January 5th-Bird Day- Go out and pet a parrot and keep your fingers away from the beak.

  • January 6th-Epiphany-Go to church and ring some bells.

  • January 7th-I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore Day- Got a beef with someone, go up to them and yell this catchy little phrase to them.

  • January 8th-Bubble Bath Day- When's the last time you've seen any man take a bubble bath.  Women, go ahead and have a "calgon take me away night".

  • January 9th-Balloon Ascension Day-This is the day you get to blow up a balloon with some helium, stick a note in it and let it fly!

  • January 10th-National Cut Your Energy Cost Day-Go green!  Turn the lights off and live by candlelight for the day.

  • January 11th-National Clean Off your Desk Day-Admit, it, your desk could use a good cleaning.

  • January 13th-Rubber Duckie Day-It's your lucky day.  You get to take another bath this month, even if it's not time yet. 

  • January 14th-Dress Up Your Pet Day- Do we really think the dog or cat really likes to be dressed up!!

  • January 15th-Humanitarian Day- Try doing a good deed for someone today.

  • January 16th-Appreciate A Dragon Day-Dragons need to be appreciated, too....YES they're real!!
  • January 17th-Customer Service Day-No matter how tempting it may be, do not allow yourself to do something weird to that persons food.

  • January 18th-Thesaurus Day-Write a story, poem or a short note today.  Use your computer's thesaurus to change all the adjectives to a synonym of that word.

  • January 19th-Rid The World Of Fad Diets And Gimmicks Day- DVR a bunch of shows and then when you get home fast forward through the infomercials.

  • January 20th-Camcorder Day- Today is the day to make a home video and submit it to America's Funniest Home Videos.  Make sure you take your camcorder where ever you and your family go.

  • January 21st-National Hugging Day-"Keep on Huggin".

  • January 2nd-Answer Your Cat's Questions Day- This is for the people that can see dead people and skip where ever they go.

  • January 23rd-National Handwriting Day-Write yourself a letter then learn how to analyze your handwriting.  You might learn a little about yourself (Psycho!!).

  • January 24th-Belly Laugh Day-Tell one of your good jokes to someone, just make sure it clean.

  • January 25th-A Room Of One's Own Day- As a parent I wish I had one of these. (looking for plans to make a man cave!)

  • January 26th-National Peanut Brittle Day-Try not to let it get stuck in your teeth.

  • January 27th-Thomas Crapper Day- He was the inventor of the toilet.  Try to use it at least a couple extra times on this day to salute Mr. Crapper.

  • January 29th-Fun At Work Day- How many of us think a job is fun ? ......... Anyone?.....  Anyone?

  • January 30th-Inane Answering Message Day- I'll let you decide how to celebrate this one.

  • January 31st-Inspire Your Heart With Art Day-Go to an art gallery and gaze at the paintings and sculptures.

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