Monday, October 11, 2010


   There are several prisons located throughout the United States that are said to be the most haunted prisons in America today.  Individuals who are considered to be hobbyists and those that are considered to be professionals in the area of ghost hunting often find prisons to be enticing when it comes to the opportunity to validate life after death.  It is not uncommon for these investigators to capture unexplained voice phenomenon on digital audio recorders, indications of strong magnetic fields with the KII Meter, and even frightening images in pictures and video recordings.  Here, I will profile 2 of the most haunted prisons in America today.

Moundsfield  West Virginia Penitentiary
   The Moundsfield West Virginia Penitentiary is considered to be one of the scariest prisons on Earth according to individuals who have spent any length of time in the immense structure that once served as a prison.  Construction on this building started in 1866.  In 1876, the prison was completed.  Individuals who were ordered to stay at this particular prison had to endure many harsh conditions, including cells that were only seven feet long by five feet wide.

Inside Moundsfield Penitentiary
   Naturally, several of the inmates died while serving time at this penitentiary.  Many were put to death due to the nature of their crimes.  It has been estimated that nearly 85 of the men were put to death by way of hanging.  This was from the opening of the establishment until the year 1949.  Starting in 1951 all the way until 1959, electrocution executions were performed.  Nine men were killed in this fashion.  Then, luckily for many inmates, West Virginia did away with the punishment of the death penalty.

   The prison quickly became overcrowded.  Emotions ran high, and rumors of haunting's began.  In 1995, the prison closed its doors officially.  Since then, several stories of haunting's have been told.  For example, there was indoor area that was used for recreational purposes when it was impossible for inmates to go outside due to environmental conditions.  This was called the "Sugar Shack".  Today, several people have stated that they have seen apparitions and other unusual events occur in this particular area of this haunted prison.

   In addition to the haunting's in the "Sugar Shack", there are other events that have occurred in and around the prison that seem to be directly related to the paranormal.  Strange sounds, including those that sound like distant talking and even mournful cries have been heard echoing through the building.  Many people have even stated that they feel as if they are being watched or followed by something in the shadows that linger in the corners of the Moundsfield West Virginia Penitentiary.

   Alcatraz in California is considered to be not only one of the most haunted prisons in America, but also one of the scariest places on Earth in its entirety!  There are even traces of actual proof that spirits reside in this prison.  Many have what they claim to be ghost videos, while others have strange sounds retrieved from digital audio recorders that sound like voice.  Then, of course there are what many claim are ghost pictures.  This haunted prison has often been call "Hellcatraz" by various inmates, and it seems to hold a piece of hell for these inmates-even in the afterlife!

Some of Alcatraz's guests
   This prison opened its doors for the first time in 1934.  It was considered to be a "Federal Prison" on what is commonly called "Alcatraz Island".  The Federal Government felt as if this was an ideal location for military operations initially, and then considered it to be ideal for inmates that were serving sentences for serious crimes.  Various people ranging from the Indians, to captured soldiers from other countries, and even leading Mobsters served time and even died while under the lock and key of Alcatraz.

Alcatraz Cell
   Throughout the history of this prison, several have claimed that it is haunted.  There are great deals of individuals who believe that the area is actually a portal to the world of spirits.  While many died here, and often felt as if this was the only escape, the spiritual activity seems to indicate that their spirits are bound to Alcatraz forever.  Individuals who have researched the structure have documented some very strange and spooky sensations and experiences, ranging from full body shadows to floating lights that seem to be quite intrusive.

Alcatraz ghost
   One of the most interesting accounts of haunting's in the depths of Alcatraz, is what is believed to be a poltergeist, or a demonic haunting in which several have referred to as "The Thing".  It is said that no one person is immune from this haunting.  It is described as a spirit that is not only honing extreme anger, but as a spirit that is completely evil.  Witnesses claim that this evil presence has immensely terrifying glowing eyes that appear to see right though the souls of a person!

Ghost picture
   In addition to this, there is a strong, negative energy that flows throughout the building and even onto the island grounds.  Several have heard noises that sound like that of many men pleading and crying for help, as if they are being completely tortured and are desperate for relief.  In addition to this, chains can be heard dragging along the floor and even falling abruptly out of nowhere-despite the fact that there is no reasonable explanation for this sound.  In addition to this, the ghostly lighthouse often appears, shining its light-which is odd, considering the lighthouse no longer stands.  This is why this haunted prison in America is considered to be one of the scariest places on the Earth today!
   Whether you are looking for haunted places to go, or simply enjoy studying history, the haunted prisons in America are quite attractive when it comes to pursuing your interests of scaring yourself!


   Death, "the time at which life ends".  It is inescapable no matter what you do, or where you go, death will find you.  It is just one of the many facts of life.  And the one personification of this event has been the Grim Reaper.  Different parts of the world have their own take on where this mythological figure originated.

   Probably the most accepted version of the Grim Reaper is the Skeletal figure wearing a black robe wielding a scythe, sometimes on horseback.  Also know to be carrying a hour glass, just waiting for time to run out, so that he may reap your soul.  But the legend of the Grim reaper can be tracked all the way back to Greek mythology.

   The Greeks had two different takes on the origins of the reaper.  A pleasant version, and a not so pleasant version.
  On the lighter side of things there was Thanatos, who had a twin brother Hypnos, the god of sleep.  They were both quite friendly.  Thanatos's job was to accompany souls to hades (The Greek underworld).  He would then pass them on to the ferryman on the river styx, Charon.


   On the more darker side, There was Cronos (Kronos).  The son of Greek gods Uranus and Gaia.  The legend goes, Cronos was forced back into his mother's womb with his siblings, by his father.  For Uranus feared to be over taken by his children.  But unknown to Uranus, Gaia had given Cronos a sickle (an edge tool for cutting grass or crops; has a curved blade and a short handle) to escape from the womb.  Once freed, Cronos used the sickle to castrate his father Uranus.

   Japanese folklore interprets the reaper as the ruler of the underworld, Yama, or Enma.  Yama is said to be the judge of who goes to heaven and who goes to hell.  And has been said to cut the tongues off of those who lie.

   A more modern take that the Japanese have adopted is Shinigami.  He is the one who escorts the dead to the afterlife.  He is also been said to keep track of death records.  Unlike Yama, Shinigami cannot be found in traditional Japanese mythology.
   Slavic tribes have a slightly rarer take on the reaper.  In the form of a woman.  Who is said to be dressed in white, and carries a green sprout that never dies.  When people come in contact with this sprout, they are put to sleep, never to awake again.  Lithuanians also see the reaper as a woman.
   There is a rather big difference between the two.  And that being the Lithuanian reaper, known as Giltine, has adeformed face.  An over sized blue nose, and a poisonous tongue.
   The black plague of 1328, which killed 1/3 of Europe's population, and about 75 million worldwide.  Inspired many sculptors and painters to start depicting the Grim Reaper in many of there works.  Taken from the book The Gods Of Eden, authored by William Bramley.  He says that in Brandenburge, Germany men with "fearful faces" and scythes.  Were seen swinging their scythes, which could be herd making a hissing noise from miles away.  After the appearance of these men, came a severe outbreak of the plague.

   "Strange men in black, demons, and other terrifying figures were observed in other European communities carrying "brooms" or "scythes" or "swords" that were used to sweep or knock at people's doors.  The inhabitants of these houses fell ill with plague afterwards.  It is from these reports that people created the popular image of death as a skeleton, a demon, a man in a black robe carrying a scythe".  So as you can see there is a vast history on the origins of the Grim Reaper from all over this earth.  Which cultural myth will you believe?  That depends on you.  But know this.  When the sand in your hour glass runs out, rest assured that you will cross paths with the Grim Reaper.