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There are few sensations that can beat the thrill of a frivolous purchase. After struggling all month to make sure that the rent, bills, and car payments are paid in a timely fashion, it can be downright exhilarating to blow a big chunk of change on something unnecessary.
   Sadly, the thrill passes once the next billing cycle kicks in. That $300 pair of shoes may have seemed like a well-deserved extravagance, but now it’s starting to feel like an ill-advised and anxiety-provoking mistake.
   The morning-after regret of the frolicsome purchase is familiar to almost anyone living on a budget. However, it’s something that billionaires never have to confront. They can indulge their whims and buy every toy that catches their fancy, however briefly. This includes antique cars, jumbo jets, and even spaceships. No urge is too outrageous and no desire is too extravagant.
    It's never to early to think about what your family or friends are wanting for a Christmas present.…


Make your own hot cocoa at home! Serve this at any party or gathering or any night you need to keep warm during the upcoming fall and winter seasons.
Store this in mason jars or package to give away as gifts!  Who doesn't like some hot chocolate with a cookie or two!

Amaretto Hot Cocoa
5 ¼ cups dry milk2 cups powdered sugar1 (8 ounce) jar of Amaretto flavored powdered coffee creamer1 ¾ cup cocoa powder1 2/4 cups plain powdered coffee creamer¼ tsp salt
Combine all ingredients.

Store as desired.

To serve: Add 3-4 Tbsp of mixture to 1 cup of hot water or hot milk. Add 1 tsp of sugar if desired. Also add some whipped cream or mini marshmallows to the top.  For an extra touch grate some orange zest or a bit of chocolate over the top.


This diy come from .  Enjoy!

I’ve been on a roll with rolling paper since I made the paper chess set for O.T. last month. As meticulous an undertaking that was, I really enjoyed myself and couldn’t wait to apply the technique to Christmas ornaments. These bright rolled paper ornaments are substantially simpler and make for a whimsical handmade addition to your tree.

You will need construction paper in various colors, matching ribbons, foam adhesive tape (mounting tape), double sided tape, and a bit of white glue. Check your local dollar store instead of a hardware store for the mounting tape. I got 2 in a pack, each roll being 16 feet long. I thought that was a steal!

1. Cut construction paper lengthwise (9″ long) in the following widths, in alternating colors: 3″, 2-3/4″, 2-1/2″, 2-1/4″, 2″, 1-3/4″, 1-1/2″, 1-1/4″, and 1″.
2. Take the widest piece and adhere mounting tape across the center. Take 8″ of ribbon, fold, and place on the mountin…


Christmas in Wrocław, Poland       
   I’d been watching the city municipal workers assemble the rows of wooden stalls and the three-story Christmas tree in Wrocław’s town center since the middle of November. The outdoor Christmas market seemed like it was going to be a huge event. Sprawled across two lengths of the square, the builders worked just as hard at assembling as they did at shoveling the continually on-coming snow heralding the beginning of the Polish winter.
   I knew the day the market opened by the smell. Fried kielbasa, baked gingerbread, and the distinct linger of hot mulled wine invited me in as I walked from my bus stop toward the building where I work. Luckily, the town square is positioned so that a detour through the market was, actually, right on the way.

   I spent my first walk through the market hovering around the rows of stalls, and couldn’t resist the one selling warm mugs of spiced wine. The drink functioned as both cozy beverage and a hand-warmer, and I wi…


This comes from .  She always some of interest.  Don't forget to go by her blog and see what's happening.  Good luck!
{free printables} vintage christmas collection

Vintage Collection
Our vintage collection features a pastel blue and green colour palette...soft and stylish, perfect for a grown up tablescape!

create napkin bands using a paper chain strip and a christmas dot

sweet little favor boxes, no glue or tape required! (inspired by favor boxes found here on wedlog)

co-ordinating hanging decorations...ideal for the christmas tree!

paper chain...just lovely in these soft colours

gift tags, tied with twine adds to the vintage feel!
click here to download the Christmas Vintage Collection


Bethlehem is the town where Jesus Christ is said to have been born. Naturally, Christmas here is a major event and the festival is celebrated in a grand manner.
Here, Christmas Day is observed not on a particular day. Bethlehem consists of people of different Christian denominations - Catholics, Protestants, Greek Orthodoxes, Ethiopians, Armenians and more.
    While Roman Catholics and Protestants celebrate Christmas Day on December 25, Greek, Syrian and other Orthodox Christians observe it on 6th January. For Armenian Christians, Christmas Day is on January 18. Hence, Bethlehem witnesses a longer Christmas celebrations than many other places.

   In Bethlehem, Roman Catholic services begin on December 24 and take place in St. Catherine's Church , a Catholic church adjacent to the Orthodox Basilica of the Nativity. Protestants hold their services in a different way. While some of them may attend special Christmas services in their local churches, others may arrange excursio…


This comes from  A good idea, especially if you've got alot of extra ornaments around.  Also it's different than the same old evergreen wreath you probably have every year.  If you put it on your front door it will give people coming over to visit, something to talk about and you can share with them about how you made it.  Good luck!

Christmas ornament wreath
Ok! It’s time. I have been wanting to post this for over a month, but thought I should wait till at least Halloween was over. Last year I found the coolest ornament wreaths online and wanted to make one. Since I didn’t have time before Christmas, I decided my goal would be to collect ornaments after Christmas for cheap and then start it in June of July and have it done by Christmas 2011. Well I did it, and I LOVE it. By far the coolest wreath I have done. (and actually hope it gets pinned one pinterest) haha

This is what I started with, and decided to wrap strips of felt aro…


This comes from .  Enjoy!

Best Traditional Scottish Shortbread Cookies

Best Traditional Scottish Shortbread Cookies

Another classic Christmas cookie - Shortbread is a traditional Scottish dessert that consists of three basic ingredients: flour, sugar, and butter. According to Wikpedia, this cookie resulted from medieval biscuit bread, which was a twice baked, enriched bread roll dusted with sugar and spices and hardened into a soft and sweetened biscuit called a Rusk. Eventually, yeast from the original Rusk recipe was replaced by butter, which was becoming more of a staple in the British Isles. Despite the fact that shortbread was prepared during much of the 12th century, the refinement of shortbread was actually accredited to Mary, Queen of Scots, in the 16th century. The name of one of the most famous and most traditional forms of shortbread, petticoat tails, were named by Queen Mary. This type of shortbread was baked, cut into triangular wedges as the…