Thursday, December 8, 2011


   This comes from www.twistofdazzle.blogspot.com.  A good idea, especially if you've got alot of extra ornaments around.  Also it's different than the same old evergreen wreath you probably have every year.  If you put it on your front door it will give people coming over to visit, something to talk about and you can share with them about how you made it.  Good luck!

Christmas ornament wreath

Ok! It’s time. I have been wanting to post this for over a month, but thought I should wait till at least Halloween was over. Last year I found the coolest ornament wreaths online and wanted to make one. Since I didn’t have time before Christmas, I decided my goal would be to collect ornaments after Christmas for cheap and then start it in June of July and have it done by Christmas 2011. Well I did it, and I LOVE it. By far the coolest wreath I have done. (and actually hope it gets pinned one pinterest) haha

This is what I started with, and decided to wrap strips of felt around the wreath. I didn’t want to take the plastic off the wreath, but I was afraid the hot glue would melt it. So who knows if it made any difference!


I did not have a pattern, or certain colors picked out to use. I used foam balls, plastic balls, and a few glass balls. Pretty much whatever I could find. First I wrapped some ribbon around the wreath, so it would be ready to hang. Then I started gluing in the inside of the wreath and then putting them on the outside.

001 (2)

I then started filling in the gaps and had to go to smaller ornaments.


I used A LOT of balls, I'm not exactly sure how many, but did have to take a couple trips to Hobby Lobby for more.


I pretty much think my wreath rocks, and can not wait to hang it on my mirror above my fireplace.


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