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Holidays are always fun to celebrate, but why wait a few months for the next major one to arrive when you could be enjoying some nice edible food holidays everyday of the month?

March 1st, National Peanut Butter Lover's Day- This has to be one of the greatest national food holidays of the year, or at least for the month of March. Go and make a couple of PB and J sandwiches for lunch on this day.
March 2nd, National Banana Creme Pie Day-While it still may be a little cold outside, why not enjoy a tropical banana cream pie for dessert....if you want a little more tropical, add some coconut.
March 3rd, National Cold Cuts Day-This national food holiday is perfect for an evening when you're too tired to cook. Just stop by your local deli and pick up some favorite sliced meats and some soup.
March 4th, National Pound Cake Day-What could be more delicious than a piece of pound cake served with some strawberries and whipped cream.

March 5th, National Cheese Doodle Day-This na…


It's another new month.  Let's see what March has in store for us!

March 1st, National Pig Day-To celebrate National Pig Day, go out and buy some bacon or a ham and pig out. Everybody give a shoutout OINK! OINK! OINK! Or if you're from Arkansas....SOOEEE!
March 2nd, Name Sake Day
March 3rd, National Anthem Day-Go out to a sporting event and listen to an anthem....Just as long as Christina Aguilera isn't singing it...If she is, might want to give her the words to it!!!
March 4th, Dentist's Day- Go out and get a new toothbrush. If you have a Dental appointment on this day, remember....rinse then spit!

March 5th, Name Tag Day
March 6th, U.S. Snowshoe Day
March 9th, False Teeth Day-Go to Grandma and Grandpa's house and hide their teeth. Or you can say a solemn prayer of thanks to George Washington, the father of false teeth.

March 10th, Learn What Your Name Means Day


The Patras CarnivalPatrino karnavali is the largest event of its kind in Greece and one of the biggest in Europe. It has more than 160 years of history. The events begin on 17th of January and last up to Clean Monday. The carnival of Patras is not a single event but a variety of events that includes balls, parades, hunting of hidden treasure, kids’ carnival etc. Its apogee is in the last weekend of Carnival with the Saturday evening parade of carnival groups, the extravagant Sunday parade of floats and groups, and finally the ritual burning of king carnival at the St. Nikolaos Street wharf in the harbour of Patras. Its characteristics are spontaneity, improvisation, inspiration and volunteerism.  This year the carnival will be held from January  17th through March 14th, 2016.


   Most people agree that starting event of the Patras Carnival was a ball given in the residence of the merchant Moretis in 1829. However the carnival, as most carnival events in the Mediterranean a…