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This diy comes from . I have seen these sold in Walmart.  Now instead of buying them or if you haven't heard of these before, try making a few dozen with friends and family.

How to Make Cascarones (Confetti Eggs)

Cascarones are a Mexican Easter tradition and a great alternative to plastic eggs for your hunting pleasure.

Kids LOVE them as much (if not more) than any candy-filled egg. We had them at the Third Birthday Fiesta and they were the hit of the party.

Many, many were smashed over my head.

AND they are super-easy to make. Find out How to Make Cascarones after the jump…
How to Make Cascarones

You can start by making a pin board to use as a drying rack. This is not necessary, but very helpful when making cascarones. Just take a piece of styrofoam (this one was from the box my embroidery machine came in) and stick pins into it to form a grid.

Then you’ll need some uncooked eggs.

Take one egg. Do not look at my nail polish. It’s that newfangled gel business a…


   One of the greatest Irish festivals, St. Patrick's Day or Paddy's Day commemorates the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. A festive day for the Irish people, St. Patrick's Day is a festive public holiday the Republic of Ireland and also celebrated with much enthusiasm in places such as Canada, Great Britain, Australia, the United States and New Zealand. Sumptuous feasts, green clothes, frothy delights, joyous merrymaking with friends and family - all are parts of this grand occasion.


   St Patrick is known as the patron saint of Ireland. True, he was not a born Irish. But he has become an integral part of the Irish heritage, mostly through his service across Ireland of the 5th century.
      Patrick was born in the later half of the 4th century AD. There are differing views about the exact year and place of his birth. According to one school of opinion, he was born about 390 A.D., while the other school says it is about 373 AD. Again, his…