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Killorglin    For communities like Killorglin to survive against the often overpowering commercial pressures imposed by their larger, urbanised neighbours it takes an inherent, deep seated tenacity. To say that the industrial and economic success of the town came about as a result of being ably represented politically, at the right time - is true - but only part of the overall picture. This train of thought displays an ignorance of how these market towns, strategically set down at cross-roads, not only survive against fierce odds but indeed thrive. A cursory glance at the history of any such town will reveal the growing pains and battle scars endured by generations to get us to where we are today.

   Rivers played a huge role in the establishment of trade centres and in Killorglin's case the Laune with its link and proximity to the well sheltered Castlemaine Harbour must have presented a very attractive location to the first travellers - commercial or otherwise. Political historia…


If I'm in the mood, I like it, and I will devour it...
But typically I choose chewy candy, caramels  or salt snacks over chocolate.

In High School my best friend's family made the best caramels in the world. I loved going to her house and eating till my stomach hurt. I loved getting the "neighborhood gifts" from them and taking the stash to my room. I STILL love going home over christmas and hoping the Walkers gave us a neighborhood gift so I can eat their caramels.

They make reg, cinnamon and licorice caramels. all of them to die for.
I however- do not have enough time or energy to make ALL of them. (I have made them all) so I just make regular. but I will provide you with the recipe so you can. It's not the cooking that is hard- its the rolling. holy rolling. Maybe when I have a few hand (older kids) I will make them all and we will have family night watching a movie and rolling caramels.

READ the TIPS below BEFORE you make the caramels....
(this is s…