Tuesday, August 27, 2013


If I'm in the mood, I like it, and I will devour it...
But typically I choose chewy candy, caramels  or salt snacks over chocolate.

In High School my best friend's family made the best caramels in the world. I loved going to her house and eating till my stomach hurt. I loved getting the "neighborhood gifts" from them and taking the stash to my room. I STILL love going home over christmas and hoping the Walkers gave us a neighborhood gift so I can eat their caramels.

They make reg, cinnamon and licorice caramels. all of them to die for.
I however- do not have enough time or energy to make ALL of them. (I have made them all) so I just make regular. but I will provide you with the recipe so you can. It's not the cooking that is hard- its the rolling. holy rolling. Maybe when I have a few hand (older kids) I will make them all and we will have family night watching a movie and rolling caramels.

READ the TIPS below BEFORE you make the caramels....

(this is stirring before it has started to change color)

cooling in the pan

cut small squares. a little goes a long way.

Rolling the candy:
I have used both wax and parchment paper. either works. Wax paper is nice when you have the three different caramels because you see the caramels through the paper, whereas the parchment paper is white and caramels are only slightly visible.

I cut a bunch of 3-4 inch strips from the paper roll, then cut the strips into thirds.

Its a nice addition to treat plates for neighbors



  • candy thermometer
  • wax or parchment paper
  • 1 can sweet condensed milk
  • 2 C sugar
  • 1 cup butter
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 1/2 cup white Karo Syrup


1.Cook on med heat and stir constantly. (CONSTANTLY) cook in heavy pan until it reaches 240 degrees. Take off stove and add... for licorice caramel: 3/4 t anise oil and 3/4 t black food coloring for cinnamon caramel: 1t cinnamon oil 3/4 t red food coloring (make sure it is no taste) pour into a 9x13 buttered pan. cool completely before cutting. TIPS: A.Make sure you stir caramels with either a wooden spoon or a spatula that can stand high temps. like papered chef. B.Try not to splash on the sides because when you are stirring don't scrape the sides back in there, scrape only the bottom of the pan. If you bring the sugar crystals from the sides of the pan back into your candy it will sugar it and be all crunchy instead of smooth when it is all done. C. Put your candy thermometer into the candy after it has boiled for a bit and started to change colors don't drag it around because scraping the metal to metal together can also sugar your candy. ALSO once you put the thermometer in you have to keep it in until it is done, don't take it out and put it back in unless you clean it. D. Keep the heat on a med heat and if you start seeing little brown specks in your candy take it off the heat mediately and turn it down. that is the candy scorching.

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