Friday, June 17, 2011


   If you are looking for a frightening tale of witches these choices beat Blair Witch Project any day! These top 10 best witch horror movies will have you clutching your seat especially if watched in the dark.

#1 Crowhaven Farm (1970)
   This made for television movie is simple yet terrifying. A woman moves into a farmhouse she inherited with her husband only to find it all so familiar. She has dreams of another life in which she betrayed her witch friends to save her own skin. The question is will she do it again?

#2: Warlock (1989)
   Julian Sands is fantastic as the meanest witch of all trying to undo creation. He manages to escape his execution in the seventeen century by fleeing to the twentieth with Satan's help. Hot on his heels in a witch hunter seeking to destroy the witch before hell comes to earth.

#3: The Gift (2000)
   Cate Blanchett plays a good witch who reads Tarot cards to help raise her two young children. When a young woman disappears she is enlisted to help find her dead or alive. This movie has a down home country feel that makes it even more scary when supernatural things begin to happen.

#4: Salem Witch Trials (2002)
   The scariest thing about this made for television movie is how closely it sticks to true events. It addresses the hysteria and fear that enveloped the town of Salem. One child's imagination carried away the common sense of every adult in that township. The fear lies in how quickly that can happen in the worst circumstances.

#5: Eyes of Fire (1983)
   A group of travelers begin having members disappear and realize that an ancient spirit is to blame. The only salvation is a half-insane witch child Leah who has the gifts to save them all. Some truly frightening images that will shock you and I am not talking about Leah eating dirt for power.

#6: House of the Devil (2009)
   A college girl finds a babysitting job that isn't quite what it seems. The dialog between the babysitter and her employers is eerie and leads in well to future events. This movie is frightening at times because it doesn't hold back and punches you right between the eyes.

#7: Darkness Falls (2003)
   The townsfolk of Darkness Falls created their own witch over a simple mistake. The curse she lays on the town will forever have them seeking the light. She visits their children on the night they lose their last baby tooth and wise children don't look upon her face.

#8: Warlock:The Armageddon (1993)
   The evil warlock is back from hell searching for sacred stones that will destroy mankind. The only thing between him and victory are two teenage druids, the last warriors of their kind.

#9: An American Haunting (2005)
   The Bell Witch terrorizes John Bell and his lovely daughter Betsy. The entire family is powerless to protect them both. Betsy has a secret that can end all the torment if only her mother would get a clue.

#10: Elvira: Mistress of The Dark (1988)
   This one falls under the horror comedy area but is well worth a watch. The Mistress of the Dark inherits her witchy aunts home and all the power that comes with the family title. Elvira is a true mistress of horror making this a hoot to watch.

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