Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Are Pumpkins Vegetables or Fruits?
   The answer to that commonly asked question depends on who you ask.  Technically, they are a fruit.  This is because fruits are generally classified as having seeds.  Pumpkins have seeds; thus, it is a fruit.  So if you are ever on a game show trying to win a million dollars and you get asked whether it's a fruit or vegetable, go with fruit.  But for those people out there who always thought it was a vegetable rather than a fruit, don't worry, you aren't that wrong.  In culinary terms, it would be classified as a vegetable and not a fruit.  The word fruit is usually used to only describe food that is "sweet and fleshy".

Growing Them
    To grow them, you plant the seeds around the end of May to the mid part of June. 
The seeds are planted in groups call hills.  It takes three to four months for them to grow.  In the process of growing, they don't just grow in size but they also change from being either green or yellow to being orange.  They grow on vines which run along the ground.  Once they are orange and their skin is tough, they are ready to be picked.  This usually in October.  Pumpkins are said to have originated in Mexico or Central America.  But they can grow all over the world.  In fact, the only place you won't find them growing is in Antarctica.  They can also grow to be a few pounds or thousands of pounds.  Fun fact: Joe Jutras of Rhode Island grew a huge one that weighed 1689 pounds.  The facts about how someone get one to grow that big aren't always known because many growers keep how they did it a secret.


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