Tuesday, May 17, 2011


"Out of all of the horror movie genres, which one has been the most successful?"

   There are three ways to answer this question. It all depends on what someone considers to be successful. Since there are different ways to measure success, I will answer the question in three different ways.
   There is one genre that could be considered the most successful because of the amount of movies that have been made out of it. One genre would be considered as successful because the main character is in the most movies. The third way to measure the success of a horror movie genre is to see how much money the movies in a particular genre made compared to the other horror movie genres.

   Vampire movies have always been a fairly successful genre of horror movies. There is a subcategory to vampire movies in the fact that there are so many Dracula movies. The character of Dracula has been portrayed in one way or another in over 200 movies. There are over 130 movies that have his name in their titles.
   This is considered to be a successful sub category since the character has been portrayed more often then any other character in history. This not only applies for horror movies, but for all types of movies and media as well.

Psychotic Killers

   If you look at the genre of psychotic killer movies, you will come across movies like Hannibal (2001), The Silence of the Lambs (1991), and the Scream Trilogy. All of these movies are on the list of the highest domestic grossing movies of all time.
   The subcategory of psychotic killer movies, the slasher films, causes the psychotic killer movies to be the most monetarily successful horror movies. Some of the franchise slasher films, such as the Friday the Thirteenth Series continue to be show at drive-ins to this day.


   Some of you might be reading this and wondering what a construct is. Think of a construct as Frankenstein. It is a creature that was constructed into the image of a man.
   While you might see a large number of actual Frankenstein movies on the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com), you most likely will not see anywhere near the amount of movies that include constructs.
   When Frankenstein was released in Japan, the nation went crazy with the idea of a construct movie. During the 1950s and 1960, over 30% of all of the movies made in Japan involved constructs. There are more construct movies then there are of any other horror genre. This might make the construct horror movie genre the most successful in your mind.

   Whichever way you look at this article, you will find a definition for yourself as to what the most successful genre is in horror films. It will be interesting to see in the next twenty to thirty years if these positions are still held by the genres that hold them now.


  1. holly wood needs to find anew europen actor to play dracula
    2011 there wasnt any take on the legend of count dracula as the
    vampire. or a vampire movie shot in romaina or trsylvania to date
    oh there was a short movie called vampire stories 2001 than
    vald in 2004? the story of prince vald dracula. today us fans
    of bram stokers dracula need anew story of dracula for 2012
    dracula 2012 now thats anew beging for our beloved count

  2. there's always some kind of vampire movie in the making. Hollywood can't come up with many new ideas any more. Usually it's a remake of a good movie to bring people to the movie and line the studios pockets or it is a Friday the 13th part 23 or 24. They need to do some research of what people really want to see. Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate them.