Friday, November 11, 2011


   Here's another one from goddesshobbies.blogspot.com .  They kind of remind me of the autumn holiday pumpkin garland.  These are something that's cheap and easy to make to set off your Christmas tree this holiday season.  Especially if you use metallic cardstock or even some old music sheets.  Good luck and enjoy!

Handcrafted Holiday ~ Paper Ball Ornaments
   The kids and I have been making ornaments for the tree for about two weeks now. I can't wait to show you the files of the sweater mice... but I can't figure out how to upload the PDF file I made for the pattern. If anyone has ideas I would love them. ;)

   The other day on our advent calendar tag was 'making paper ball ornaments'. I saw a picture in a book (or on the net) of these and I thought they were just beautiful! They have been in my head ever since. Of course, I had stick with my theme and find a way to make them recycled. So I found the perfect medium... Old calendars!

 Georgia O'Keeffe and Sulamith Wulfing were my two top choices from our stash of old calendars, but the kids favorite was Mary Engelbreit. She has some really neat patterns around the outsides of her calendar pages that make very fun ornaments!

You need:

Old calendars or metallic cardstock
a mini hole punch
ribbon for making a loop and
handing on the tree

1. Cut a bunch of 3 inch strips off the calendar picture. You can either keep them in order (so the ball has a distinct picture on it), or you can mix them up.

2. Take 5 or so and punch them with the hole punch on both ends like the picture above. Then, still holding them in your hand, put the brad, but do not butterfly. Do the same with the remaining paper strips until you have a little stack with brads at both ends. When you have quite a few, then butterfly the brad so they stay secure.

3. Slowly spread them out, like so:


4. Arrange them how you want being careful not to rip the strips and viola!

5. We are tying fishing line to the brad at the top of each ornament and then putting Christmas tree hooks through the fishing line. They are making a BEAUTIFUL addition to our recycled tree!


  1. doing this with my step daughter tomorrow!

  2. I try to find the different types of diy's and crafts that don't take a lot of time to do and can be done with other family members creating something new and different.