Monday, December 5, 2011


   Everyone has heard of the Ugly Sweater parties and poking fun at fruit cake and white Chrsitmas trees certainly never gets old. There’s something FABULOUSLY tacky about the holidays; the lights, the glitz, the ornaments and the ceramic figurines of holiday characters. The internet is a constant reminder that the holidays are upon us and these characters are the perfect representation of annoyingly endearing. Ho ho ho!

grinch 8 Adorably Ugly Holiday Mascots

1. The Grinch

 He’s green, he looks stinky- and he has a frown that could make a happy baby cry. The Grinch is endearing even before he decides to give Cindy Lu Hu her Christmas tree back, you can’t help but have a bleeding heart for such a sad soul. He’s the only “thing” with matted green body hair that looks, dare I say, huggable?

jack skellington

2. Jack Skellington

    Generally, I wouldn’t say skeletor beings are loveable, Mary-Kate Olsen included. That however, is not the case with Jack Skellington of Nightmare Before Christmas. Just as Johnny Depp is adorably attractive and creepy in Willy Wonka, or the Alice and Wonderland trailers- Jack Skellington serenades you to love him in all of his bowtie pinstriped glory. Only Tim Burton could pull off holiday cheer and eerie imagery all in one adorably ugly protagonist.

ralphie 8 Adorably Ugly Holiday Mascots

3. Ralphie Parker

    Holiday highlight: The 24 marathon of Christmas Story on TV, who doesn’t want to watch the 25 times in a row?! Don’t judge the math equation there, 25 just seems like a good amount for a marathon. Ralphie is that character that makes even the bullies in the audience root for the underdog. Ralphie is so charming, his attempt to convince his parents to buy him a BB Gun is actually sort of persuasive. Would someone just let the boy have the gun? Santa? No? And for God sakes, those glassssses. Adorably ugly indeed.

ugly dog christmas

4. Rascal the Worlds Ugliest Dog
    What is it about ugly dogs? You sort of want to look away, but you can’t help letting out a gigantic, “AWWWWWW” it’s both an awe of horror and embrace. If you haven’t seen Rascal’s singing ugly dog videos all over Facebook and Twitter, well then you haven’t gotten into the Christmas spirit. Watching babies talk about stocks is entertaining and so is watching dogs sing a perfect operatic version of Silent Night. Sigh.
scrooge 8 Adorably Ugly Holiday Mascots

5. Ebenezer Scrooge

   The antagonistic character of the Christmas Carol is cold-hearted, greedy and at a total loss of holiday spirit. Scrooge despises all things that invoke cheer or express any signs of joy. If that’s not an off-putting disclaimer then I’m not sure what is. Still, Scrooge is that Grandpa that you’ll try to squeeze a smile out of, not matter how impossible it may seem. Eventually, as well all know he comes around…. Every Bah humbug has some hope!

The Abominable Snowman

6. The Abominable Snowman

    Even though this bigfoot-esque character looks like he could eat you for Christmas dinner, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer finds the adorably ugly character to be a friend, despite his bad looks and intimidating stature.

angry elf

7. The Angry in Elf

   Or, ahem, excuse me- “little person.” Serious scowling but still adorbs when drop-kicking Will Ferrell’s Buddy Elf character to the board room floor.

charliebrowntree 8 Adorably Ugly Holiday Mascots

8. The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

    Yes, the tree itself is a mascot. I’ve had my fair share of “Charlie Brown” trees and even when you’re peaking through the gaps in the branches, while the rest of the tree sags and tilts- it’s still your special tree. Your personal celebration of the holiday, whether it’s adorably ugly or not, it’s Christmas!

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