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   This comes fro www.sawdustandpaperscraps.com .  These are really cool and could be used all year round with different types of papers and card stock.

3D Star Ornament Tutorial

Last year was Madison’s last year in elementary school and my last year as room mom. {Sniffle, they grow up so fast!}
I wanted to come up with an ornament craft that was different and unique and could be beautiful, fun, funky…whatever, depending on the combination of cardstock the kids chose.
I bought a book of thick patterned cardstock from Hobby Lobby when it was on sale for 1/2 off and split it with my friend who was room mom in another class {at another school}so this craft cost $5 for my whole class {about $.25 per child}.
How to:
1. Cut out 6 identical stars. {I cut a quite a few in different papers to give myself options when I started glueing it all together.}

{I used the die cut machine at the school as I had to cut out about 140 stars. You could use “clip art” in a Word document to create a template to cut out by hand if you don’t have a machine or access to one.}
2. Draw a line in between two legs into the center of the star.
3. Cut along this line.

Do this on all 6 stars.

4. Glue the two “cut legs” together creating a 4 point star that cups inward.

Do this to all 6 stars!
*Edit: Fold the star to create creases from the center of the star to each leg joint. As seen in the picture below.
5. Start connecting 4 point stars by gluing one leg of two different stars together.

6. Now glue 2 legs on another 4 point star…

to 2 legs on the “star ball” you just started.

7. Continue gluing 2 legs of a 4 point star onto the “Star Ball”, like you just did.

8. On the last two 4 point stars, you have to change it up a bit. On the second to last one, glue 3 legs to the “star ball”.

9. This will create an perfect hole for the last 4 point star to fit in. Just glue all 4 sides and insert!

10. Punch a hole and attach a ribbon or hanging string.

Now, you could stop here, but I don’t like the white edges.

So I used an ink pad and a Sharpie to distress them!

I had to use the Sharpie to get into the corners.

And that’s that!
I hope it made sense because it is difficult to “explain” step by step instructions without using my hands.
Do I need to make another video? You know you loved that Twang!
p.s. For Maddie’s class, I also punched a whole in the leg opposite the hanger so the kids could hang a circle with their picture and write the date on the back.

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