Tuesday, February 7, 2012


   This diy comes form www.bystephanielynn.com .  These would look good painted white with some clear glass glitter or some mica flakes on them.  Good luck and enjoy, and remember it's never to early to get ready for the holidays

Clothespin Snowflakes

Happy Friday my friends. This week has quickly passed by - with just one more day to go! I have one last handmade ornament to share today and they are so easy - you could even add them to your to-do before the holiday arrives.

If you don't have a stash of wooden clothespins they can found at any dollar store and easily transformed into pretty snowflakes. I used a few to embellish some packages though these can easily be made into ornaments or used in number of different decor ideas as well {I like that snowflakes can be left out throughout the winter and a last a little longer than other seasonal decor}

Materials Needed:
Wooden Clothespins {8 total for one snowflake}
Hot Glue

{optional} paint, glitter - anything to embellish

Begin by taking apart 8 wooden clothespins. The wooden slats easily slide right out of the metal spring with a little maneuvering.

Each clothespin will give you two wooden pieces - simply align the flat sides of these two pieces and hot glue together.

To start the snowflake shape, take two of the 'glued' pieces and hot glue them together along the small angle end, as shown above.

Continue with two more 'glued' pieces until you have an "x" shape.

Insert the remaining four 'glued' pieces into each corner and secure with more hot glue.

{if you are making these into ornaments - slide a piece of thread or ribbon in between the last two pieces, before they are glued together, to create the hanger}

Your snowflake is complete and ready to embellish.

Since these are made of wood they can be embellished a number of different ways - though I think they are even pretty left plain and natural.

I used a couple as gift toppers this year since it went along with one of the gift wrap patterns.

I really like all the metallic colors so I sprayed the snowflakes with coat of Krylon Caramel Latte and finished with Krylon Glitter Spray {for a touch of glitter sparkle without the mess}

Have a fabulous day ~ Enjoy!

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