Friday, February 3, 2012


   This diy comes from www.tatertotsandjello.com .  Enjoy a little candle magic!

Valentine Glitter Mason Jar Tutorial!!

Here’s a sparkly little Valentine idea.
Over Christmas I had seen some tutorials on making DIY glitter ornaments using floor wax.

I decided to try that with mason jars for Valentine’s Day. I discovered that floor wax might work great for ornaments, it does not work as well for votives with insides that might be touched — the glitter rubs off. So I experimented and found that the same technique can be used with polurethane instead of floor wax. Once the polurethane dries, it keeps the glitter on the mason jars. You can buy polyurethane at any hardware store.

Here’s what I did:

  • I used a few different sizes of mason jars. Plus some other sized jars like a pickle jar.
  • I took some vinyl (even shelf liner would work). I cut out heatrs of different size.
  • The next thing I did was stuck the vinyl hears inside of each of the jars, centering them in the middle of each jar.
  • Then I poured a little bit of the polyurethane into the jar and put the lid back on. Then I shook the polyurethane around in the jar until the whole jar was covered in polyurethane.
  • If there was a little extra polyurethane in the jar, I poured the excess into the next jar.
  • Then I poured glitter into the bottom of the jar and put the lid back on. Then shook the jar until glitter covered the inside. Next I took the lid off the jar and let it dry out overnight.
  • Once the polyurethane was dry, I peeled the heart off each of the jars.
  • The last thing I did was pour some Red Hot candies into the bottom of the jar and then I added a flameless votive tealight and lit it up.
*****NOTE — I had a reader ask about flamability with the tea lights and polyurethane. I didn’t even think of that. So to be safe, be sure to use FLAMELESS candles. You can buy them at the Dollar Store.

I love the way the light reflects off the glitter and shines through the heart opening in the mason jars.


SO pretty!!

And such an inexpensive way to add some festivity to your mantel or it would be so pretty on a Valentine’s Day Dinner Table!!

Have a Lovely Day!!



  1. Do you know if this process would be okay for flower vases? I mean, would the glitter hold up to water? The floor wax didn't work at all.

  2. Only if you did it on the outside to do it on the inside with water you would have to use an epoxy something like you would used on a bar