Wednesday, February 1, 2012


   This diy comes from www.lovemaegan.com .  Reminds me of Christmas decorations from the 40's and 50's, which now we consider modern design.  I still like it, add a little bit of nostalgia to your next Christmas tree!

starburst diy - decor - tree topper

In all my life, I have NEVER found a tree topper that I've liked. Not once, not ever. When I was growing up we always had angels, which are fine, but inevitably end up crooked. A crooked tree topper is one of those things that no matter how pretty my tree is, it will be the only thing I notice every time I look at it. A few weeks ago at JoAnn's, gathering supplies for all my Christmas Crafts, I bought a bunch of white and silver pipe cleaners with snowflakes in mind. But the other day I looked at them and thought, I'm just going to see if I can come up with a tree topper out of these. And without documenting it, I totally did... beyond anything I could have imagined, and honestly, I can't believe pipe cleaners have become my favorite tree topper ever. I had to make a second one to demonstrate how I did it for you after I posted it on Instagram... and here's how (it's really easy & inexpensive but looks quite the opposite!)

Starburst tree topper diy-materials

* White and Silver {or gold or any other metallic you'd like} Pipe Cleaners

Starburst tree topper diy-1

* Begin by overlapping your white pipe cleaners to create a star.

Starburst tree topper diy-3

* Take a new pipe cleaner and bend it in half.

Starburst tree topper diy-4

* Squeeze it over, careful not to bend any and use it to sort of hold your other pipe cleaners together. Your bent PC also adds "rays" to whatever side it lands on.

Starburst tree topper diy-5

* Continue overlapping straight pipe cleaners with L shaped ones until you have a full white starburst.

Starburst tree topper diy-7

* Begin the exact same way with your metallic pipe cleaners, laying them on top of your white starburst and using bent PC's to hold it in place.

Starburst tree topper diy-8

* Take one metallic pipe cleaner, bend it over the top, through the sides and carefully twist it at the base in the back. This will be how you attach it to the top of your tree. Continue overlapping metallic pipe cleaners until you get your desired starburst.

Starburst tree topper diy-9

...and here's where the second one ended up.

decorated cow skull head- holiday decor

* You could also make a handful of these in various sizes to create a sort of Mid-Century Modern wall art sculpture. Honestly, you can barely tell they're pipe cleaners in reality!

Have Fun!

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