Tuesday, April 3, 2012


   This diy comes from www.theartofdoingstuff.com .  This would look great on the table or on a shelf. It could be used even after Easter during the spring, because it doesn't have the typical easter primary colors.

This Wreath is Eggsactly Right

I dyed the eggs with those little pellets you drop in water. But I bought them at the Dollar store so the colours weren’t as vibrant as full priced ones might have been. Also I used brown eggs instead of white to create much more muted colours.
To make the eggs slightly mottled I allowed the dye to sit on certain parts of the egg for longer. That way you get some lighter and some darker colour on the egg. As soon as you remove it from the dye rub the overlapping parts with a paper towel to soften the lines. I’d also put the egg in the yellow, then straight into the green, let it sit, then maybe a bit back in the yellow or plum. That gave the eggs more depth of colour. Or as my American friends say, color. Honestly, I don’t know what you people have against the letter “U”. It’s my favourite letter.

My favourite part about this wreath is probably how good it looks against something glitzy like the chandelier. As much as I like earthy, organic stuff, in order to set it off you need some brightness. That’s why my favourite skull is my crystal skull.
It’s also why I added in a few white, sparkly eggs to the wreath. Again, it gives the wreath a big more depth and the sparkle of the white eggs enhances the muted sheen of the real eggs.
If you plan to make this wreath you’ll need to start exercising your lips, mouth and jaw. Blowing out a dozen or so eggs is not for amateurs. You don’t wanna start blowing out your eggs without getting limbered up first. Otherwise you’ll get that gross crackling feeling on either side of your lower jaw. Like you’re lymph nodes are exploding. So … between now and then I’d advise you to practice. I have no recommendations as to how you practice this, nor do I want to hear from you about how you do it.
You have 5 days until Easter Sunday. You need a pool noodle, some bags of moss, hot glue and a bunch of eggs. GO!

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