Thursday, July 12, 2012


   This old favorite from our childhood comes from www.loveveggiesandyoga.com .  How many of you when you were growing up, used to take a couple of these out of Grandmas candy dishes.   They were just the right size mint for any child.  Enjoy!

One of the highlights of going to my grandma’s house when I was growing up, in addition to playing Gin Rummy for money at age six, was raiding her candy dish.
She used to have Jolly Ranchers, butterscotch candies, and after dinner mints in that little white dish with the lid. When you’re six,”after dinner” means the minute you can get your sweaty little mitts on the mints, you do.

I decided it was time to make my own meltaway mints since I have such fond memories of them.
Skylar told me the pink mints taste better. But of course.
In actuality, same batter but that concept wasn’t fully registering. All that was registering was pink food.

They are so smooth and just melt in your mouth. I wanted to call them Mint Meltaways but that name is already taken.
Normally with mints, one is all you need. Maybe two. With these, you want at least 17 because they are cool yet sweet, firm yet melty. Plus they’re tiny.
It may not have been the brightest idea to make a recipe that needed to be sliced into 250 little pieces (just a guess) and I am not one for extra steps and monkey business and fussy recipes, but I rolled the dough into long skinny logs in between my hands and it felt like I was playing with Play-Doh.
I lined up the logs and sliced through them with a pizza cutter. Back and forth, back and forth. The whole process took about 20 minutes and wasn’t that bad. I did it after Skylar went to bed (no lighting, no pictures) because I didn’t want her eating gobs of the Play-Doh.
Scooping cookies with a cookie scoop so they’re all uniform can take just as long as Project Mint Roll Out.

Now, instead of just memories of raiding my grandma’s candy dish, I can raid my own.
You will never want a storebought after dinner mint again. If you’ve never had the mints I speak of these or these are the ones but now I can make my own.

These will make a perfect holiday gift and one batch makes enough to gift to a few people.
I used red and green food coloring but you could make these for Easter, Mother’s Day, a baby or bridal shower and use pastels. The un-dyed dough is stark white and a blank canvas.
I also thought about dipping these in melted chocolate for chocolate-covered mints but didn’t know if the dough would hold up as it took a searingly warm chocolate bath, so I skipped the dipping and that little what if.

*Note: Mint extract cannot be undone and if you plan to make these, make sure you read my mint cautionary tales in the recipe section. You want to eat mints. Not eat a bottle of Listerine.

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