Saturday, December 1, 2012


   Here's an excellant recipe from www.iambaker.net.  One of my other weaknesses,  besides ice cream, is almost anything with strawberries in it. This dessert looks fantastic and would be an excellent dessert for a summertime party or just because!  Good luck and enjoy!

Life has been good.
We are adjusting to many changes…like having grandma's and grandpa's and cousins and dear friends over to visit the new baby.
Eddie is wonderful by the way. Much loved and adored!
But there is only one new baby, and with lots of people visiting it is always good to have something for the rest of the folks to do.
Like…. eat. I like stuffing my guests with as much food as possible. Forces them to not look at the layers of dust on my cupboards or the crayon scribbles masterpieces on my once white walls.
Hence, I decided to make a quick and easy dessert for everyone to enjoy. And since we happened to have about five pounds of strawberries on hand, a strawberry shortcake seemed like the perfect choice.
With a twist of course!


(This frosting technique is so easy to do… tutorial here!
Now… although I had the desire to bake for everyone, I just did not have the energy. (still recovering from surgery) So this is definitely the semi homemade version.
Box white cake.
Box red velvet cake.
Whipped cream from the grocery store.
Fresh strawberries.
I still had to chop strawberries. That counts as slaving away in the kitchen right???


As much as I love the look of whole, ripe, plump juicy strawberries on a shortcake, I just have found it easier to cut them up.


Its easier to assemble and easier to cut into and easier to eat.
Did I mention I was going with an easy concept on this dessert???


I made a four layer cake. Two layers of red velvet and two layers of white cake. I started with the red velvet, added a fluffy layer of whipped cream, then a bunch of diced strawberries.


Repeat. Except with the white cake. Then the red velvet. Then the white. Then accidentally shove a huge spoonful of whipped cream in your mouth and call it a day.


As you can tell by the first picture, I just wasn't satisfied with this, so I added whipped cream to the outside too.
Then I cut into it.
And tried to take a picture. Except people kept making these irrational demands and actually requesting to eat a piece.
So this is all I have left.


Or should I say, had left.
Gotta tell ya, this is one delicious cake. I loved the dense rich and chocolaty taste of the red velvet paired with the light whipped cream, the airy white cake, and fresh berries.
I loved the ease of decorating a cake with whipped cream.
I loved everything about it.
I have made it three times in the last week. And I can imagine I will be making it lots more this summer!

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