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   This cool diy comes from /lifeartcollide.blogspot.com .  Really cool and pretty simple.  These also would make great gifts.  You could also make these for Christmas.

Soda Bottle Bell Jars


 I wanted to add a set of bell jars to my apothecary this year but was so disappointed with the high prices being charged at various stores.  I really wanted more than just one which made a collection of jars very cost prohibitive. After laying awake one night (doesn't take much to keep me up) I came up with the "poor man's" rendition of a bell jar. I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out!

By the way a "real" bell jar is a piece of laboratory equipment used for creating air-less vacuums. Usually it is the shape of a bell, and can be manufactured from a variety of materials such as glass, plastic and metal.
The Victorians were particularly fond of using bell jars to display their most cherished possessions.

If you would like to make your own here is what you'll need. 


Remove Label/Clean Bottle

Remove label and sticky residue using the following method:
             -pull as much of the label off as possible
             -fill bottle with hot tap water, but not hot enough to burn fingers.
             -let the bottle/water stand for 5-10 minutes or until the glue begins to soften.
             -roll remaining bits of label off with fingers.
             -using Goo Gone and a cotton ball remove the glue residue.
             -use nail polish remover to remove the inked date stamp from wherever it appears on the bottle.
             -empty the water from the bottle, wash outside with warm soapy water, dry completely.

Remove Bottom of Bottle
Please use caution in the following steps to avoid personal injury!

Using a craft knife cut the bottom section of the bottle off by following the raised line.

Using scissors cut around the bottom edge evening it out.

Place the bottle on the cut edge, trim any areas that cause the bottle to shift in a crooked fashion. Continue trimming until the bottle stands
correctly (as perfectly upright as possible).

Clean and dry the inside of the bottle.

Remove Top of Bottle

Using a mini-hobby saw or another cutting instrument appropriate for the job, cut the threads at the top of the bottle off as shown in the photo.

Attach Bubble Ball Topper

Squeeze a bead of Glossy Accents around the cut rim of the bottle.Gently attach a bubble ball by positioning it over the glue line and pressing down lightly. Leave to dry completely.


Apply Foam Core Base

Measure the diameter of the cut edge of the bottle. Add 1/2” to this measurement. Using a compass draw two circles on the foam board matching the calculated measurement. Mine came in at 5” (12.8cm).

Glue the two circles together. Cover the cut edges of the foam core with black ribbon, use white glue or tack in place with black wire bent in a “u” shape and pushed into the foam.

Prepare Styrofoam Stand

The following step will depend on what you plan to put inside the bell jar. If you require a stand cut a piece of Styrofoam that will fit inside the jar with enough room around it to add moss and still be able to comfortably replace the bell jar over it. 

Glue the stand in place then cover with moss. Keep moss in place by pushing small pieces of wire bent in “u” shapes into the Styrofoam. Creepy cloth may also be used to cover the base.

Decorate Inside of Jar

Fill your bell jar with your favorite things. Trek outside for a few “found” objects. How about a few creepy Halloween creatures or tell a story with purchased or created miniatures. Have fun!!


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