Cascarones are a Mexican Easter tradition and a great alternative to plastic eggs for your hunting pleasure.

Kids LOVE them as much (if not more) than any candy-filled egg. We had them at the Third Birthday Fiesta and they were the hit of the party.

Many, many were smashed over my head.

AND they are super-easy to make. Find out How to Make Cascarones after the jump…
How to Make Cascarones

You can start by making a pin board to use as a drying rack. This is not necessary, but very helpful when making cascarones. Just take a piece of styrofoam (this one was from the box my embroidery machine came in) and stick pins into it to form a grid.

Then you’ll need some uncooked eggs.

Take one egg. Do not look at my nail polish. It’s that newfangled gel business and I cannot get it off on my own:

Tap it on the counter to crack the bottom, then stick a skewer into it to widen the hole:

Continue to not look at my nail polish. Pour the egg out and make some quiche or something.

Rinse the egg until it’s all nice and clean:

Then set it on your pin board to dry, with the hole facing down so it can drain:

Go ahead and color your eggs in whatever manner you prefer:

Once again set them out to dry with the hole facing down:

Wait until they are completely dry:

Now gather your stuffing materials: tissue paper, confetti, a funnel, and some glue:

Cut the tissue paper into squares big enough to cover the holes in the eggs:

Fill the eggs with confetti using your funnel (or just your hand works too):

Apply glue around the opening and attach a piece of tissue paper:

Let them dry, and you’re done!

Prepare to get bombarded by egg-weilding children. Oh, and to do a lot of sweeping.
Also, you can order them from Amols for 24 cents each. You could hide these in the yard, then give prizes for the number found, or just let them crack them and make a mess, they will love you for it.