Thursday, May 16, 2013


Colorful Spiral Cookies

Just try to be in a bad mood around one of these. Impossible!

I was naturally drawn to these because of the bright, eye-catching swirl, not to mention the jumbo sprinkles-encrusted edges!  If anything, these should be the SB mascot, because they are everything I love.  Bright, happy, buttery and delicious. Also versatile!
I spied these first here, (green-tea version) and then here (peppermint version).  I've looked at these countless times, and I'm not sure why I didn't make these earlier.  Maybe because the dough is made in the food processor and I really hate digging / lugging that thing out of my pantry. I soon vowed to make my food processor more accessible because it did all of the work! Now I kinda wish all doughs could be made in the food processor.

Another thing I love about these is that they are SLICE and BAKE. You could easily put the unused portion in the freezer for later.  

I won't go much into preparation here, because that's all in the recipe, but here are some pictures to give you an idea of the process.

I wanted to make my dough even on all sides, so I trimmed some away to make an even roll.

I used Wilton's rose gel food coloring.  I like gel coloring for this because it doesn't add much moisture to the dough. You can use any kind of extract for flavoring.  I used Strawberry, and the whole house smelled like baked strawberry shortcake.  Very yummy!    

You'll then encrust the dough with jumbo (or other) sprinkles.  I cut my roll in half, and rolled one half in smaller sprinkles. The above kinda looks like a sprinkle-coated ham doesn't it?

Speaking of ham...

Some of you may wonder why there are so many pictures of my dog, Biscuit, included in my posts.  The truth is, he is stuck to me like glue!  He never leaves my side, and he always watches patiently in a chair as I work on projects and take photos. While editing photos, I rarely have a group that doesn't include him sticking his head (and nose, see above) where it doesn't belong.  He's never been alone for any extended period of time. I have a day job working from home for a Pathology company, and this has made him my constant companion.

I'll say "Biiiissscuit...no-no!"  and he'll look at me like this...

...and all my disciplinary plans fly out the window.

I think this version turned out cute too, although I really like the larger jumbo non-pariels better.  I realize some people have an aversion to sprinkles, or a mind-set that they are only for kids, or that they just plain taste bad.  Some do taste bad!  The jumbo sprinkles I used are from Wilton. They are fruit-flavored and very tasty, but there are other sprinkles you could use - just think of the variations!  Crushed pistachio nuts with a green-pistachio spiral, or crushed oreos with a chocolate spiral.  I can't wait to try them all!

I couldn't stop taking pictures, they are just so bright and happy!

I suppose I should stop getting carried away with the photos and post the recipe.  Here it is!

I have reviewed this recipe, and cannot recommend another method other than making it in the food processor.  Making it in the Kitchenaid was problematic and I ended up with a poorly rolled, tough cookie. The cookie itself is a French sable/shortbready-tasting cookie.  It's subtly sweet, so if you are a fan of drop cookies with lots of sweetness and chocolate chips etc., then this may not be the cookie for you.  

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