Monday, August 12, 2013


    I know it may be a little early but I also love Christmas. I have been writing alot of articles about Halloween time. So here are some phobias that people may have during Christmas time. Many people dread the Christmas season for many reasons. Although the season is stressful, most people don't have actual phobias connected with the holidays. But Christmas is stressful to many. And it seems to aggravate a lot of phobias.

  • Ochlophobia or Agoraphobia-(Fear of crowds) It also includes fear of lines, traffic jams and even social events. Many people suffer from just the fear of not pleasing others during this season and end up overwhelming themselves with too much responsibility.

  • Katagelophobia-(Fear of ridicule or embarrassment) this might include not giving the right gift, being around family and their comments, Christmas party pranks, etc.

  • Mythophobia-(Fear of making a false statement) slipping and telling a secret you shouldn't, or what someone got someone, etc.

  • Pogonophobia-(Fear of beards) sounds crazy but some people fear Santa's beard. And suddenly men with beards are abundant during Christmas.

  • Pediophobia-(Fear of children) It seems odd, but some people fear kids.

  • Ecclestaphobia-(Fear of churches)

  • Pediophobia-(Fear of dolls) more toy are on display and these people find it stressful. A normal grocery store suddenly might have dolls to sell where they normally did not.

  • Dronophobia-Fear of driving on expressways) with traffic a mess during the holidays, those who hate freeways usually avoid them. More traffic means greater chances you off-streets are not available due to accidents or being jammed up.

  • Doraphobia-(Fear of fur)

  • Cherophobia-(Fear of fun) believe it or not, some people fear smiling and having a holly jolly good time.

  • Clinophobia-(Fear of going to bed) for some it's being afraid of the dark. For others it's a gear of missing out on what's going on. For others they are afraid they'll never wake up if they go to bed.

  • Phonophobia-(Fear of loud talking or noises) some people actually panic over holiday music pumped over the speakers at malls, stores, etc. And, others simply can not tolerate loudness in any way.

  • Decidophobia-(Fear of unable to make decisions) Christmas time is full of decisions and for those that have a hard thime with them, or are afraid of making the wrong one, this is a bit of an overload for them.

  • Xenophobia-(Fear of strangers) this of course would not apply to going to malls, church, etc. because these people simply would not go there. But Christmas is a time when you never know WHO might pop in? For those who fear strangers, this can suddenly be devestation.

  • Haphenphobia-(Fear of being touched or having to touch others) a surprise kiss under a mistletoe or a holiday good cheer hug for these people is like a sudden slap and totally throws them off-balance.

  • Hodophobia-(Fear of traveling) this is a bit different than agoraphobia because these people are not afraid to leave home, they just have a fear of HOW they leave the house. With some, as long as they walk it's fine. But public transportation, flying, etc. is a major problem. For others, traveling is all based on how far they determine in their minds a travel is. For some travel isn't travel if it's in the same town. For others it's only if they leave the state. And yet for others travel is simply NOT being in you home.

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