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   Candy corn is many things. It’s one of the most well known symbols of Halloween and also a best selling candy every year. Despite its large sales and popularity, it’s often out shined by other candies, especially chocolates.
   Enough of that! Here, candy corn is in the spotlight. Learn its history and some fun facts!

The Beginning
   The corn looking tri-colored confection was invented in the 1880s by George Renninger of the Wunderlee Candy Company which was based in Philadelphia. When first invented, the candy was made by hand and had a slightly more difficult process than it does today.
   It was not available all year long like it is today. Instead, it was made for only 8 months out of the year and was available seasonally – in the fall when farmers harvested their real corn, and of course, around Halloween.
   When first sold to customers, the corn lookalike was quite popular among farmers as it actually resembles a real piece of corn. The novelty looking candy later became a hit with kids and other adults.

Small change, Sweet Success

   Because the Wunderlee Candy Company was rather small and the candy corn was a handmade confection, they were not capable of mass-producing it. Around 1900, the Goelitz Candy Company began producing the tri-colored treat and this launched its popularity into new territory.
   Back then, colorful treats were a rarity so customers of all ages were impressed by the fact that one candy had 3 colors in it! They went bananas for it, and candy corn became a best-selling confection.
   In 1976, the Goelitz Candy Company released Jelly Belly Jelly Beans and became an even bigger success than before. They later became the Jelly Belly Jelly Bean company and produced mainly jelly beans and still do today. Although they still produce candy corn year-round, they are not the biggest producer or seller of the confection.

Brach’s Rocks!

   Brach’s Palace of Sweets, a candy store and factory in Chicago, Illinois opened in 1904, but it wasn’t until 1948 that they began selling candy corn around Halloween time. This was perhaps the companies greatest decision ever. They quickly became the top candy seller in America and now produce several varieties of the tri-colored candy including original, caramel apple and caramel. Although they first became popular for their caramels, they now are the biggest candy corn seller in the U.S.

Did You Know?ational Candy Corn Day is on October 30th

  •  Each year, over 35 million pounds of candy corn are produced. This equals about 9 billion pieces!
  •  Although candy corn is sold year-round in most places, 80% of it is sold during September and October.
  • If every piece of candy corn made each year was laid end to end, it could circle the moon 4 times!

  •  Candy corn is traditionally red, orange and white, but there are also brown, orange and white versions (Indian corn made with cocoa) as well as Christmas, Valentine and Easter colors.
  • Candy corn is typically made with corn syrup, coloring, binding agents and sugar. Sometimes other flavors and sweeteners such as honey are used as well.
  •  Pumpkin Spice and Pumpkin Pie flavored candy corn is often available in the Autumn. Various companies produce these varieties and they are typically found anywhere Halloween candy is sold. They can for sure be found at Target and Walmart.

Some gourmet flavors and colors of candy corn

  •  The Jones Soda company makes a Candy Corn flavored soda available for Halloween only.

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