Thursday, February 6, 2014


As I have tried myself in a statement on how you fold these stars. Video is probably the right medium when to disseminate such explanations, but I and my photos make an attempt. If something is difficult explained, saithe from, so I'll try again :) Good luck!

1 The star is made up of eight square, so you start to cut these. I have made myself a template from thin cardboard, when you fast access to only draw around and cut out. I Stjerna creates here is the square which is 10x10 cm
2 Add the square in front of you with one point facing you, fold in half

Bring side along the center line

Bring and the new side along the center line

Grasp the upper tip and fold it to the right. It should run flush / along the litle triangle below. Fold up again and make the same on the opposite side. You have now created a cross, right? :) Turn the figure.

1 See the figure lies like the picture.
2 Grasp the bottom tip and fold it to the left of the crease that you made before you turned the figure.

You now have an oblique triangle that lies above a little bigger. The largest triangle has a fold, you should fold here, put the left part to the right. The litle oblique triangle bends now, and what you should do with it, is to follow the traces crossed folded me before, so it settles fine until the Great.

Does it look like now? :) When one has found "Lingsar", it is very simple. And you have plenty of opportunity to practice, in order to unfold Eight. Pulling back to the start! 

No we have come to the mounting portion. A set star pieces together while inserting the smallest tip into the back "flap" in the largest. I think it's okay to have them in your lap for gradually thi maybe some out. It is tempting to tighten them well, but when it becomes difficult to get into the final. It is therefore advisable that they hang a little loosely in so tight you eventually.

When all the pieces are composed, starts you tight. It makes you to gently pull the ends.

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