Monday, April 28, 2014



I pinned this pin last year from “bethany actually” but it was too late to make it for Christmas gifts.  So this year, I was determined to remember to make this in time so it would be ready for Christmas.  I was so excited to get started.

Only three things are needed.  Bottles, vanilla beans and Vodka.  So easy!
I  bought my bottles online from Specialty Bottles for .74 cents a  piece, and the vanilla beans atAmazon.com.   I have never bought Vodka in my life so felt a little unsure of what I was supposed to get, but it all looked the same so I just got the cheapest that I could find.   While purchasing the Vodka, the cashier did the RUDEST thing!  I had gotten my I.D. out to prove that I was over 21 and old enough to purchase liquor and SHE DIDN’T EVEN ASK FOR IT!  Sigh. Note to self.  Time to dye my hair.
The directions from the pin said to use 2-3 beans for 4 oz of vodka.  I just used two and that worked out fine.  I cut the vanilla beans in half and then cut each half all the way up the middle to expose the fleshy inside of the bean.

Into the jar it goes and pour the 4 oz. of vodka in.

After capping the first fifteen bottles,  I looked at them and it appeared that at the bottom they were already starting to “steep” and the vodka was turning a beautiful amber color. How exciting! The bottles are supposed to steep for at least a month before using so I have made these in plenty of time.  And one of the best things about this is that when the hectic-ness (is that  a word?) of the holidays hit,  I will have these all ready to go to give to neighbors and friends.  What a stress reliever!  In fact, I think this might turn into a yearly tradition for me.
This made me so happy today and I would definitely say that This Pin Rocks!
UPDATE:  Here is a quick pic of my vanilla after a week of steeping.  This is so fun to watch and I can’t wait to give them out as Christmas presents.


  1. Made the vanilla extract and loving it! I invested a bit more with better vodka, better vanilla beans and a better bottle. Used Infinity Jars for storing and they keep the extract smelling fresh. I like your idea about making this as Christmas gift. Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for the comment. It is usually better when we use better ingredients.