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   Most people do not realize it, but there are a number of haunted hospitals given the honor of the most scariest places on Earth!!!  There are several hospitals that are considered at the top of the heap of the most haunted institutions of their kind.  True ghost stories, unexplained phenomenon, and ghost pictures and videos have been acquired in these places within the hospitals that are claimed to be the top haunts.  Each and every single day, someone takes their last breath in a hospital somewhere.  Is it possible that these souls emerge from the physical body and linger around these medical facilities, not knowing which way to go, or even what has happened to them?  Here you will learn why haunted hospitals are deemed the scariest places on Earth!

Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, Kentucky

   The Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky has been deemed as one of the most haunted places in the U.S.  In the late 1800's and early 1900's, the disease of Tuberculosis wreaked havoc in the United States.  This disease was highly contagious, and there was absolutely no cure for it.  Once exposed, it was quite likely that you would develop the sickness during these years.  In Kentucky, there were more deaths due to the outbreak of this contagious disease than any other state at the time.  This is why, in the year of 1926, a hospital named the Waverly Hills Sanatorium was opened-to house and care for those that had contracted Turberculosis.

  Individuals who resided at Waverly Hills stood the chance of surviving the deadly condition, and many did.  However, several souls were lost that remained in this particular facility.  There were a number of experiments that were conducted in this particular hospital.  The intent behind these experiments was to uncover a cure for the disease.  It was not unusual for patients to be placed in front of large windows that were opened during the winter, and many had to endure dangerous surgeries so that the doctors could "expand" the lung area.  Most of the people that entered the hospital never got out alive.  This is one of the reasons why this is considered to be a haunted hospital.  As the number of deaths grew, so did the unexplained phenomenon that was experienced in and around the structure.

Waverly Hills orbs

  Thee are several haunting's that are said to be experienced at Waverly Hills.  The first involves a man who is wearing a coat that is white in color.  This apparition is normally seen in the area of the kitchen. and it has not been uncommon for the employees of the hospital to be subjected to unexplained messes n the area of the kitchen, such as windows being broke, and things tossed about.  In addition to this, strange sounds, odor, and even the terrifying experience of approaching footsteps have been experienced in the area of the kitchen.  All of these accounts seem to link back to the male apparition in the coat that is white.  It is unknown who he is, or what may be the issue that is causing him to be so agitated. 
   If you are the least bit familiar with this haunted hospital, then it is almost certain that you know about the ever-popular room 502.  It is said that there are poltergeists, demonic haunting's, and several lost souls wandering around in this room.  On the fifth floor, it is believed that numerous individuals jumped to their death from the window in this room.  Many have also encountered shadows that seem to have a life of their own when visiting room 502.  This is considered to be one of the most scary places inside the entire structure of  Waverly Hills Sanatorium.  Many have even experienced strange, angry voices that instruct them to leave.  While these are not the only haunting's to occur at this hospital, these are the most common one that you will hear when visiting this haunted hospital which is considered to be the top haunted place in America.

Oatland Island Hospital, Savannah, Georgia

    Oatland Island Hospital in Savannah, Georgia is the next haunted hospital that is worthy of mention.  Many individuals throughout the years have stated that this particular hospital serves as a portal between the physical and the spiritual world.  During the Second World War, the structure on the Island served as a hospital.  It was considered to be a public interest medical facility, but eventually transformed into a lab by the Center for Disease Control for the development of technology to assist those who fell ill to certain conditions and diseases.  To date, several employees, locals, and even tourists have claimed to experience something "unusual", and or "paranormal".

Oatland Body Chute

    One of the most common types of unusual activity that occurs in and around the Oatland Island Hospital is the presence of colorful orbs.  Due to the presence of these orbs, many have decided to play "ghost hunter" and brought along cameras that take still pictures, video cameras, and even audio recording devices.

Oatland Orbs

  As you may have already suspected, there have been a number of ghost pictures and ghost videos captured.  Furthermore, many have caught strange noises, voices, and even conversations on audio recording devices.  If you are seeking scary places where a lot of unexplained phenomenon is experienced on a regular basis, you should visit the Oatland Island Hospital yourself.  You are likely to walk away with a ton of evidence that confirms that there are paranormal happenings here.

Rolling Hills Asylum, Bethany, New York

   The Rolling Hills Asylum or "Genesse County Home" in Bethany,  New York is considered to be one of the top scary places on Earth!  Noted as one of the haunted places in America, this haunted hospital has been talked about all throughout its history for the strange and unexplained phenomenon, true ghost stories, and a haven for the ghost hunter at heart.  Deemed as one of the more legitimate real haunted places i the state of New York.  This hospital has a long history of spectacular events that no one seems to be able to explain.  There is no level of rationalization in this hospital.  Could that be due to the fact that it housed psychiatric patients?

Rolling Hills orbs

 When the Rolling Hills Asylum opened its doors for the first time, it served individuals who suffered from one psychiatric condition or another.  In later years, this establishment would be transformed into a nursing home that housed individuals that were elderly, or unable to appropriately car for themselves.  In 1974, the nursing home would shut down, and the facility would be pushed to the side until 2004.  It is believed that in about 150 years, thousands of people took their last breath.  Many strange experiences have occurred in the building, and when paranormal researchers conducted an investigation on the home, it was discovered that the rumors of "haunts" were true.

One of the patient rooms

Voices were captured; images locked into cameras, and even ghost videos to reflect the stories of shadows and souls emerging from the walls within the Genesee County Home, or Rolling Hills Asylum.

Trans-Allegheny Asylum

  The Trans-Allegheny Asylum is another hospital that is considered to be haunted.  Located in Weston, West Virginia, this particular hospital is also considered to be one of the top haunted placed in America.  From 1864 to 1994, this hospital served individuals who suffered from psychiatric conditions.  Unfortunately, despite the best efforts possible with the funding that was made available; the hospital did not have the best sanitation levels.  There was a general shortage of furniture, and the lighting was not very good either.  Heating and cooling of the facility was also extremely limited.  On top of experiencing the ment conditions that plagued them, the patients were exposed to harsh conditions during their stay here.

Trans-Allegheny Morgue

 There have been numerous hauntings in this particular haunted hospital.  Many have said that they have seen individuals walking in the corridors and standing in various locations in the facility.  Then, there are the cases of spirits who seem to be screaming in pain.

Inside picture of Trans-Allegheny

    Crying, and distant conversations can also be heard.  If yo have always wanted to be a ghost hunter, and are looking to capture a few ghost pictures or really amazing ghost vidios, you are likely to succeed at Trans-Allegheny Asylum in Weston, WEst Virginia.
   There are a number of reason why haunted hospitals are deemed the scariest places on the planet!  Many strange and unusual experiences have faced individuals who work in these facilities and even those that simply visit them.

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