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   There is a holiday for every day in April.  For some days, there are even two.  Here is how you can celebrate at least one every day in the month of April.

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  • April 1st, National Fun Day-It's also April Fools Day, which is why it is such a fun day.
  • April 2nd, Reconciliation Day-This day doesn't sound like much fun, but who knows...you could end up with a new-old friend.
  • April 3rd, Tangible Karma Day-Have you ever watched "My Name is Earl ?"  Make a list of all the bad things you have done and fix them or Karma will make bad things happen to you.
  • April 4th, Victims of Violence Wholly Day-Befriend a victim of violence and do something nice for that person.

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  • April 5th, National Deep Dish Pizza Day-Sounds like a delicious holiday.  I bet Domino's will be busy on this day.
  • April 6th, Drowsy Driver Awareness Day-If you are a drowsy driver, make everyone aware of the fact.  You wouldn't want to hurt anyone.
  • April 7th, No Housework Day-For me, pretty much everyday is No Housework Day.
  • April 8th, National D.A.R.E. Day-Say  "No" to drugs and alcohol...at least for this one day.
  • April 9th, National Cherish an Antique Day- Visit your parents or grandparents on this day.

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  • April 10th, National Sibling Day-Have no siblings?  No problem-adopt one for a couple hours.
  • April 11th, Barbershop Quartet Day-Go out and listen to some harmonizing.
  • April 12th, Walk on Your Wild Side Day-Go out and raise some cane!!
  • April 13th, Tax Freedom Day-Does this mean I don't have to pay taxes on anything today?
  • April 14th, Pan America Day-I still can't figure out what Pan America Day is.  All I know is Congress declared April 14th a holiday and every year on this day the President makes a speech.  So I guess you could listen to his speech (with the t.v. on mute).

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  • April 15th, Take a Wild Guess Day-Every time someone asks you a question, make something up, but keep a straight face when you're doing it.
  • April 16th, National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day-Try to think how this would go over at work.  Maybe not such a good idea.
  • April 17th, Blah! Blah! Blah! Day-I see you talking but nothing but gibberish is coming out.
  • April 18th, Pet Owners Independence Day-Does this mean pet owners get to do whatever they want all day?

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  • April 20th, National Pot Smokers Day-That's all we need is a bunch of stoners walking around.  They're all probably all at the grocery store because they have the munchies.
  • April 21st, Kindergarten Day-You know how you sometime wish you could be a kid again? Well, for this day you can.
  • April 22nd, National Jelly Bean Day- Gobble up some of these sugar filled pellets.
  • April 23rd, Talk Like Shakespeare Day-Or just talk like you're from England, it's the same thing.  Cheerio!
  • April 24th, Eeyore's Birthday-Throw him a birthday party with all your neighborhood friends, Why Bother!! is probably what he would say.

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  • April 25th, DNA Day- Leave a trail of blood for someone to follow (just kidding).
  • April 27th, Morse Code Day-Speak in Morse Code today.  Beep  Beep  Beep! Beep Beep!
  • April 28th, Workers Memorial Day-There need to be more of these kind of days throughout the year.
  • April 29th, National Dance Day- Rather than walking, dance everywhere you go (like that won't get you noticed by people).

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  • April 30th, National Hairball Awareness Day- Maybe your cat can leave a little extra one for you in your shoe!

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