Monday, November 16, 2015


   This comes from www.increations.blogspot.com .  They would go perfect with some paper flowers or even just by themselves glued to some branches or twigs.

How to make paper leaves with veins

Paper rose with leaves

Recently I've been asked how to make the paper leaves with veins I sometimes use in my greeting cards. Let me show you my way of doing this in a step-by-step tutorial.
1. Cut out a paper leaf. I usually fold a sheet of colored paper in two and cut a symmetrical leaf shape around the fold.

Paper leaf
2. Fold the leaf in two.

Leaf folded in half
3. Grip it with narrow pointed tweezers, where you want a vein to be. Tip of the tweezers should be as close to the fold as possible.

Grip with tweezers
4. Without releasing the grip of the tweezers, twist them clockwise or counterclockwise, whichever works best for you.

Twist the tweezers

5. You've got a nice crease. Move the tweezers further on a little bit.

Grip with tweezers
6. Twist again, without releasing the grip.

Twist the tweezers
7. Repeat until you get all the creases you need: grip and twist.

Grip with tweezers
You can make parallel veins that go at an angle to the center, or change the angle a little all the time so that the creases diverge like a fan.

Twist the tweezers
Hold the leaf firmly, so that it's creased only where you want it to.


8. Make it to the other end of the leaf.

Almost finished leaf
9. Now you can open the leaf and use it in a greeting card etc.

Finished leaf
   You've probably noticed that paper flower on the first photo. I explained how to make a simple paper rose for a greeting card earlier, and even produced a short video tutorial about it.

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