Tuesday, September 13, 2016



 Spooky spinners!

This diy comes from http://allsorts.typepad.com/.  I hope you have some fun with it!!!
Hello my lovelies... I have a little prezzie for you! I conjured up four variations on my pinspinner pattern in seasonally appropriately designs and made you some patterns so you can make your own! First we have the devilishly charming fellow above, and there is also a grinning bat-spinner...
...I used vellum for a translucent effect on this ghoul-guy:
And finally, my favorite, a sinister back widow lurking in her web:
You can put these together in the same manner as the original pinspinners (instructions here) but I wanted these to be more substantial, so here is the method I used:
Materials needed:
  • White, red, purple and black card stock
  • White vellum for ghost
  • 3/8" Wood dowels
  • Black pony beads - 4 per spinner
  • Craft paints in yellow, orange and black
  • Spray gloss varnish
  • Drill with a small bit
  • 4D X 1 1/2" Box nails 
  • Hammer, scissors, paintbrushes
  1. Print face disks on heavy white card stock and cut out. Spray with two light coats of gloss.
  2. Punch or poke a hole in center of nose.
  3. Print patterns onto white card stock to use as templates. Cut out on lines.
  4. Trace around template on color card stock, making sure to mark dots.
  5. Using a small hole punch or sharp nail, make holes at dots, making sure they are slightly larger than the shaft of the nail. This will allow your spinner to turn freely.
  6. Paint wood dowels yellow, add orange stripes, coat with gloss varnish.
  7. Paint heads of four nails gloss black.
  8. Drill a small pilot hole 3/4" from end of dowel.
  1. Slide disk onto nail.
  2. Slide bead onto nail behind disk.
  3. One by one gently curve in the wings of the spinner and slide onto the nail.
  4. Slide two beads onto the nail, then insert nail through hole in center of spinner.
  5. Slide one more bead onto nail.
  6. Position nail in pilot hole in dowel and carefully tap with hammer until nail is securely attached to dowel.
They fit perfectly into some wood spools I had, so now they can stand nicely at attention. Here's a group portrait:
Please let me know if you spot any errors or omissions in my directions. Hope you enjoy some spooky spinning!
Oh! I almost forgot... the patterns! Just click to enlarge them in a new window then right-click to save them to your computer.  Have fun!
And last but not least, the spinner-spooks for the spooky-spinners! (say that ten times really really fast, I dare you)

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