Monday, November 28, 2016



   The upside down Christmas tree is one of the strangest trends seen in a while.  There are some people who probably like the idea.  An upside down Christmas tree is just a matter of personal preference, some people love the newest trends while others prefer traditional decor.  How long will the upside down Christmas tree be popular?  Only the consumer knows for sure, after all, we do determine such trends.  If people stay fascinated with the upside down Christmas tree, then it will become a mainstay.  If the upside down Christmas tree is ignored by consumers because it is just too bizarre,  then it will go away just like any fad.  I am a traditionalist myself.


   Every retailer that is selling the upside down Christmas tree is quick to point out that the tradition came from the 12th Century in Central Europe.  They would hang the Christmas tree upside down from the ceiling instead of right side up.  The meaning behind using an evergreen tree was the triangular shape symbolizing the Father, Son and The Holy Spirit.  No matter which way the tree is placed, a triangle is a triangle.  The tree can lay on the floor if someone prefers, it's still a triangle.  You can't blame the retailer for going with the current trends if it  makes them a little extra money and makes someone else happy to have found it.


   Some people believe the reason behind the upside down Christmas tree is possibly sinister, and the only explanation for its resurgence must be an evil one.  Placing a Christmas tree in the upright positions points toward the heavens, so if the Christmas tree is upside down, the tree top is obviously pointing in the opposite direction.  Why would anyone purchase an upside down Christmas in the direction of perdition?  I just think it will be something trendy or chic, for people who want to be different. There is nothing wrong with being different and not conforming to everyone elses picture of a Christmas tree.

    Retailers who are selling the upside down Christmas trees state the benefits of placing a tree this way as:  It's simple, with the wide part of the triangle up in the air, it makes more room available for presents, and it also let's those prized ornaments and other decorations hang out instead of into the tree.  The artificial upside down Christmas tree is more expensive.  A decent one goes for anywhere between 350 dollars and all of the way up to over 600 dollars for an averages sized 7 1/2  foot tree.


   Retailers are also proclaiming the space saving commodities of the upside down Christmas tree.  If you're worried about room just get a slim tree.  I can also see the good points to someone who collects ornaments as a hobby, it lets them hang down better, because of the triangular shape of the upside down Christmas tree getting smaller as you go down the tree.  This would be very good for showing off that prized  collection you couldn't hang before.  Whichever direction your Christmas tree is pointing, it's all about the spirit and the enjoyment of the holiday season,  everyone makes his or her own choices and preferences whether other people like them or not.  Like I said earlier, there is nothing wrong with doing something different, maybe it will become a new tradition in your family for many Christmas's to come.

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