Tuesday, January 10, 2017


  • You wish you had eaten less. This is one of the most common complaints after the holiday. Why did you stuff down that last huge piece of ham or turkey, or that second dessert? Now you've gained five or ten pounds and you'll have to spend January and February working it off.

  • You wish you had done what you wanted. Every year during the holidays, many people find themselves being pulled in ten different directions. Grandma wants you at her house at noon for dinner, mom wants you to unwrap gifts at her house at 11. Your friends want to get together at 3 p.m., and then your aunt asks you to drop by at 2. After the day is over, you find you put more miles on your car in one day than you did during the whole month of December. You're exhausted, stressed out, and wish you had just stayed home in bed.

  • The desire to go back and get people different Christmas gifts. Now that you see your brother didn't really need a new razor, but could have used a gift certificate, you start wishing you had actually asked your relatives what they wanted before you bought them gifts they can't use.

  • The desire not to have bought gifts for anyone. Your realized that much of the spirit of the holiday season was lost by reducing the time you spent together to a gift exchange. You wish that you had just met to enjoy the time instead of going all over the town buying gifts to take up the whole holiday time.

  • You wish you had had more time. The holidays pass so quickly, it's as it they passed in the glimpse of an eye. You wish there was some way to go back and not waste time arguing, or buying gifts, so that you could enjoy every single moment.

  • You wish you had forgone that argument with a loved one. Chances are, you probably got in a huge argument with someone you really care about, it was about something stupid, and you wish you had just turned the other way instead of allowing a huge argument to ensue. Now, you and your mother aren't even talking.

  • You wish you had realized how special the day was. Perhaps you went in with a "bah humbug " attitude, and just sat around moping the whole day. Now you wish you had thought for a minute about how nice it was that the family got together, so you would have appreciated it more.

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